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Radio Manager for Windows

The Paddock Racing Frequencies Resource(a great source up to date racing frequencies)

6/6/2005 Click here to download a file compatible with Radio Manager for Windows and RadioShacks's (Part #20-048) Scanner Loader software. The file includes expected scanner radio frequencies for NASCAR racing. Or Click here for expected frequencies for the Indy Racing Leage (IRL) 500 this weekend.

4/3/2002 Some of the information below is old, but probably still accurate. Please let me know if you have any additions or updates.

On the Fort Worth Public Safety TRS the following talkgroups have been active in the past for TMS events.

2096 FDCMD10 - Fire Command

3440 C-TLK2 - Infield Security

5552 CWADM1-?

5616 CWPS-1 - Command Post

5648 CWPS-2 - Traffic Control

7408 MEDMCI1 - EMS Command

5/31/99 Here's the radio setup that was used by TMS this past March during the NASCAR

Winston Cup race weekend. This June and October the NASCAR trucks and IRL cars will

be there. My time spent at TMS is not for pleasure / scanning only, even so here's what

I was able to put together. The asterisk * indicates Speedway activity was heard on that

freq.. I will list the subjects mentioned on those freqs.. Sorry for being so late. Hope this helps.



467.0250 / 462.0250* Security

468.8000 IRL Operations

468.4725 / 463.4750* Operations / Maintenance

468.4250 / 463.4250* EMS Dispatch

466.5500* / 461.5500 Medical

458.3125 IRL Fire


464.5500* Pre-race - PA -

interviews - crews - credentials - music

454.0000* PRN - Performance

Racing Network - live race broadcast

468.8500 / 463.8500* Nascar Operations - track

cleanup - pit lineup - practice time

466.2000* Nascar to all drivers

461.2000* Nascar - garage -

racing radios

464.9000* Nascar - lap times -


469.2500* Track cleanup -

Legends Cars

466.1250* Scoring - driver

injuries - media center

466.4500* Scoring

464.5000* Speeds - who's

fastest - cameras

463.8750* Security - team

passes - pit road

3/24/99 Jayski's Links to frequencies.

4/7/97 After the Races these additional frequencies were reported.

122.85 Unicom Plane to Plane for the Texas Motor Speedway area.

463.3 TMS maybe NASCAR Security - talked about access to pit area and garages.


Tip O' the Day: Try removing your antenna if you are trying to scan the racing frequencies. There's a lot of congestion on the airways and this helps to filter out some interference.

Now we've got something! An anonymous source reports that the Texas Motor Speedway has applied for licenses for the following frequencies…

464.300, 462.025 (F1? Reported to be Security), 464.200, 463.475 (F3 Operations), 462.050, 463.600, 463.425, 463.200, 464.050, 462.100

4/10/97 from Anonymous…

Hi Ben, Please don't post my name but here are more frequencies I

confirmed at the race Sunday. (Wasn't it Great!!) 468.2 469.2 469.5

469.725 468.425 459.425 462.175 459.0375 454.(PRN Feed) 457.025 all

either track support or security. I also received many hits from the

freqs below:


460.975 461.2 462.025 463.625 463.8 463.85 464.325 464.375 464.5 464.775 464.9 465.025 465.825 465.9625 466.125 466.8 467.025 467.8 467.885 468.25 468.325 468.475 468.85 469.075 469.5 464.385 467.885

It was hard to tell what was what but I did get officials and EMS crews

on these freqs during each wreck. The racing crews were quite active as

well. Most of the teams frequencies were active throughout the race.

It would be interesting to see your confirmation list and also the

pltones if you have access to them. I tried to record the pltones from

my home base station in Rowlett but it was too far in most cases. I do

get 462.025 and 463.8 on my 2006 with opto456 all the time. The other

freqs often have local users during the week. Thanks for your great

site and let me know what you discovered as well.



Saw your frequency page and wanted to pass a few off to you. I'm with the

Coppell ARC and we have repeaters on 444.225 and 441.800 (107.2PL). A

couple of amateur groups (Keller and Coppell at least) were asked by the

surrounding community emergency operations to operate net control on the

NPSPAC channels. These are interjurisdictional frequencies where

communities will be providing mutual aid in case something happens. I

think 4 might be the channel to watch, but I have yet to hear anything on

any of them.

NPSPAC 1 866.0125

2 866.5125

3 867.0125

4 867.5125

5 868.0125

There may also be ham operation on 147.2.

Thanks for the Frequencies!

4/1/97 More reported frequencies…

464.775, 461.2, 463.625

Thanks for the Frequencies!

3/31/97 I visited the track again today and only heard activity on 462.025 and 463.475. I imagine the other channels will be hopping this weekend though. I used an AOR AR8000 with the stock rubber duckie antenna. I lost contact on the south side of Alliance Airport. That kinda sucks. I don't think you'll be able to scan most communications that are from the race track vicinity. If you are able to scan at the track, the plus side to being further from the cities is that it should be easier to search and find frequencies that are probably from or near the speedway. There's lots of cellular towers along I-35 and there's a temporary cellular site setup at the southeast corner of I-35 and 114 on a trailer. That's common at big events, and I suspect cellular phones systems will be at capacity if the crowds are as big as expected.

We'll still need to nail down what frequencies are going to be used for what, as well as what the channel numbers will be, so once things open up, please let me know how the frequencies above are used.

If you want to pay for scanning information or need to buy a scanner at the track, you may want to visit Race-Scan's page now. They offer frequency lists for the racing teams and even provide live updates at the race event before the race by two-way radio (hint, hint).

WOW! Radio Shack has an ad in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Race Week '97 section promoting scanning at the Texas Motor Speedway! I'm impressed. It's good to see Radio Shack actively promoting the hobby. The Star-Telegram also had a short article on scanning in the same section, but I couldn't find a link to it online.

Here's some other information, but if the frequencies above are good, these probably won't be that interesting by race day.

464.325 was reported as being tested by radio service this past week 3/8/97. It's a frequency that's used buy the Tarrant County Hospital District for maintenance, but in this band, it's not uncommon for several users to be on the same frequency with different squelch (CTCSS, DCS, PL-Private Line) tones.

3/24/97 I hung out at the track for a little while today with my OptoElectronics Xplorer and Scout and my AOR AR8000 and found a few frequencies. There seems to be plenty of cellular coverage out that way, because I kept getting hits for cell phones.

466.6235 (That may be up or down some khz) Sound like operations.

463.475 Was probably construction crews

464.275 ?

463.5125 In the area, but probably not Speedway related

464.5 and 467.925 low power itinerant frequencies

460-470 Should be searched by folks close to the speedway on race weekends, because that's probably the range where a lot of active frequencies will be.

Possible Frequencies for the Texas Motor Speedway

154.570MHz, 151.625MHz, 154.600MHz, and 167.730MHz

Here are some other people you may want to scan or search during racing weekends. Please see my Frequency List for specific frequencies.

Media (Also Search 450-451 and 455-456 MHz and Wireless Mikes 170 MHz+/-)

Traffic Reports (Also Search 450-451 and 455-456 MHz)

Aviation (123.025 and Search 123-124)

Fort Worth (Trunked System)

Fort Worth (Listening to the Trunked System Input Side 45MHz lower than the 866-868Mhz frequencies will cut out a lot of the traffic that's not geographically close to the track. Check out Scanning Trunked Systems for a better explanation.)

Medstar Ambulance (On Fort Worth Trunked System)

CareFlite Ambulance (131.675 in flight, 155.28 dispatch in Fort Worth, 131.45 in flight, 155.34 Dispatch in Dallas) Helicopter EMS may be provided by another source.

Tarrant County (On Fort Worth Trunked System)

Keller (On Bedford Trunked System)

Southlake (Fire on Fort Worth Trunked System, PD on 460.1)

Roanoke (Possibly Denton Trunked System)

Trophy Club (Possibly Denton Trunked System)


Denton (Denton Trunked System)

Denton County (Trunked System)

FWNAS Marines

Grapevine (Lewisville Trunked System)

Haslet (Tarrant County Sheriff, I think and NE Rural Fire 453.05)

Justin (may be same as Haslet)

Argyle PD also covers Corral City, they're on Denton's trunked system.


Alliance Airport

The T - They operate on 857.4625 and 858.4625 with a data channel on 856.4526.
Low Powered Itinerant Frequencies (AKA Blue, Red, Green Dots, etc.)

And of Course the Race Team Communications (Check out the links below)

You may want have a second scanner just to search with. Searching for Race-Scan before the race might be really helpful.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Speedway Articles with Scanning Possibilities…

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Texas Motor Speedway Web Site

Scanners Put You in the Middle of the Action (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Ambulances, teams to spend race days at Texas speedway (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Speedway ambulance plan overruled (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Speedway policy calls for flying injured drivers, fans to Dallas (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Southlake to use bicycle officers, paramedics near speedway (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

The T's board approves shuttle service to NASCAR speedway (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Fire Department overtime to cost city $31,000 at speedway (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Council leans toward overtime for fire protection at speedway (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article)

Other Possible Frequency Sources for Texas Motor Speedway

+ Unofficial Texas Motor Speedway Home Page (No frequencies, but a good source overall)

+ Race-Scan Communications

+ Monitoring Times April 1997 Issue Features a Cover Story on NASCAR Scanning!!!

+ SpeedWorld Frequencies (Nice Page!)

+ Uniden's Race Scanning Frequencies

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