Police Department Scanning
Radio Codes and other Department Specific Information

In the Dallas/Fort Worth Area there are some codes that almost all police and fire departments use including&

The standard Ten-Codes (10-4, 10-9, etc.)

Code 1 Non-emergency Response

Code 2 Urgent Response (sometimes with lights and sirens as necessary)

Code 3 Emergency Response with Lights and Sirens.

Many cities share the same radio codes, but some have unique codes. Here are codes and other information for a few cities that I have. More and more departments are going to "plain text" or "plain English" to meet interoperablity funding requirements.

Arlington and several other Texas Agency Codes & Signals

Arlington (Unit Numbers, Link to Beat Map, Radio Personalities)

Arlington Police Department

Bedford (Radio Codes and Beat Map)

Cleburne Clearance Codes

Dallas Police Department Radio Unit IDs

Fort Worth (Maps & Unit IDs)

Fort Worth (Radio Codes - Link to FWPD Site)


Johnson County Sheriff (Unit IDs)


North Richland Hills

North Richland Hills beat map (Thanks to Jon Kelley)

Plano PD Info

Richardson PD Info


Tarrant County (Unit IDs)

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Unit Numbers


Wise County Police and Fire Unit List

Emergency Response & Research Center

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