Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Photos - (All Photos Copyright© Ben Saladino, unless specified otherwise) Most photos since November 2002 taken with Nikon Coolpix 5700.

There are more of my photos online here.

Irving Multi Alarm Apartment Fire 5215 N O'Conner, 8/2/2004

Fort Worth NAS JRB Airshow Photos (5/15/2004)

Lightning Photos (most from 4/30/2004 - South Fort Worth)

The Fuji Blimp uses122.85 according to one of the ground crew. 3/25/2004

The Bedford Boys Ranch gets some snow.What started as a mattress fire at the Valley Oaks Apartments, Hurst 2/14/2004

A Bell Helicopter V-22 sits on the Hurst Plant tarmac, while spectators await its departure, but is postponed due to weather.A Bell Helicopter V-22 delayed departure. Bell Helicopter Fire Department in Background.

A Bell Helicopter V-22 was suppose to depart at 07:00 1/31/2004, but is postponed until 2/2/2004, due to weather.

Prior to collapsePrior to Roof and Upper Level collapseRoof and Upper Level collapseRoof and Upper Level CollapseNOFD Protects works a 2nd exposure with a water curtain

New Orleans 3 Alarm 500 Blk S Pierce 1/28/04 10:30, 3 homes, 11 displaced, 1 FF minor injury (article)

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Irving 3 Alarm Rainier@Esters 12/20/2003 17:00

Fort Worth Fire Department Battles a 4 Alarm at 7601 Pebble, Newel & Newel Business Park 11/30/03 8:45

A Fort Worth Marshal Directs Traffic out of Down Town after the Parade of Lights. Fort Worth Truck 1 Decked out for the Christmas Parade of Lights

Fort Worth Parade of Lights 11/28/2003

A Bell Helicopter surveys power lines in Bedford. 10/31/2003

Irving 3 Alarm 318 W Rochelle (10/19/2003)

Grapevine Tanker Leak (10/19/2003)

Labor Day Sep. 1, 2003 - A Busy Day for Me and My Camera<G>

Dallas works a 5-11 at the Holiday Apts. 9/1/2003 Dallas Fire Fighters Swap Air Bottles at a 5-11, 9/1/2003

A Look Down from Grapevine's Truck 561 (about 118 feet up)

CareFlite's Dispatch, one of many consoles

Grapevine T561 Performs a High Water Rescue in Colleyville at Oak Knoll and Little Bear Creek 8/26/2003 18:58

CareFlite 1 at Scene in Euless 6/2/2003

CareFlite transports man with leg injuries (crushed bewteen two cars on Mid-Cities in Euless 6/2/03)

NE Tarrant and Haslet FD Training Day NE Tarrant and Haslet Fire Training Day

400 blk Cartwright, Fort Worth 4/11/2003

National Weather Service - Fort Worth, TXNational Weather Service, Fort Worth, TX - Amateur Radio Station

National Weather Service, Fort Worth, TX 3/24/2003 - Now Running Radio Manager for Windows


3/15/2003 Kuwait: "We took a picture the other day of Communications Company. We have about 180 Marines spread across two sites. This only has about 100 of them in the picture. They're a great lot. I've already told the Marines that based solely on the work they've done in the past month that they've forever earned my lifelong respect and gratitude. It's amazing to see 18-19 year olds do so much with no complaint. "

- Major Richard Leino USMC Comm Company 1st FSSG CE

Kuwaiting for War

(Above) Photo by longtime-friend US Marine Major R.E. Leino in Kuwait 3/12/2003

Fort Worth Fire Fighters Stage at a 3 Alarm on Lipscomb 3/9/2003

Smokey Remains of Space Shuttle Columbia 2/1/2003 - May they Rest in Peace

Helo Lift (12/14/2002) The Crescent Building Dallas

A chance spotting of a helicopter moving some stuff to the roof of the Crescent building.

Euless Quint 553 in Christmas Parade of Lights

VF-211 Practices Carrier Approaches 11/18/2002

Bedford House Fire

Bedford House Fire

Fort Worth 2 Alarm Apt Fire

An Air Force C5 makes it way to FWNASJRB (11/10/02) (click to enlarge)

CareFlite Makes a "Hard Landing" at Harris Downtown on the Parking Garage, instead of Helipad. (11/8/2) It struck a light pole, and lost its tail rotor, as well as some chunks from the main rotor. This one was only a few months old.


CareFlite 2 (Augusta)  (Click to Enlarge)

CareFlite (Notice the chunks out of the main rotor blade, and missing tail rotor)

10/6/2002 - Cold Front Thunderstorm10/6/2002 - Cold Front Thunderstorm

A North Richland Hills Firefighter Pops Smoke for CareFlite at Home Depot

The New CareFlite 2 (Augusta) makes a scene in North Richland Hills

Click for more pictures of Grapevine FD's new E-One Bronto (118')

Grapevine FD trains on their new E-One Bronto Truck-561

Hurst, Euless, and Bedford Fire Departments Remember 9-11 One Year Later

Hurst, Euless, and Bedford Public Safety Departments Remember 9-11

I finally made it to a NASCAR race.

Bobby Labonte #18 PitMatt Kenseth #17 PitTire Changing Practice #19Winston Cup Pit RowWinston Cup 2002Winston Cup 2002

Fort Worth working a fire at a Haltom City Garage - 3/28/2002

Fort Worth Civil Defense Siren Activation Controls

Fort Woth's Civil Defense/Tornado Warning Siren Activation Control.

Inside the RACES van at the Cowtown MarathonTarrant County RACES Van at work for the Cowtown Marathon 2/23/2002

Tarrant County RACES Van at the Cowtown Marathon 2/23/2002 (click for larger images)

Local amateur radio operators volunteered their time and equipment to make the event a success. Operators are assigned to key race officials, directors, rest stops, timers, sag wagons, trail vehicles, and others relaying race progress, rest stop supply needs, emergency medical requests, and the like. It's a great way to for amateur radio operators to put their skills and tools to work. Being involved also helps to prepare radio operators for working emergency situations including severe weather and disasters.

Local Fire Depts. say good bye to Vincent Davis, Dallas Fire Fighter

Fort Worth Fire Dept. Engine 8 Computer - click for larger image

Fort Worth Fire Dept. Station 8

Fort Worth Truck 1 in Training

Fort Worth Fire Department gets new trucks.

Doppler on Wheels RADAR Truck - Photo by Ed Cohen

Dopplar on Wheels - Photo by Ed Cohen

Fort Worth Truck 2 enroute to a fuel tank farm fire, 12000 blk of Trinity Blvd, 12/12/2001

Fort Worth Rescue 35 enroute to fuel tank farm fire, 12000 bkl of Trinity, 12/12/2001

First In

Fire Truck Photos

Bedford FD and CareFlite work a natural gas line break/fire. One FF was burnt.

Bedford works an Apartment fire.

D/FW Airport EZ12 doing S-Turns

Other Fire Truck Photos

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