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11/29/2010 Obviously, I haven't kept this site as up to date as I did in the past. I think there is still some useful information though, so I'll keep it up. However, for more current frequency and talkgroup information, I highly recommend visiting
2/15/2010 Here are some of my notes on TXU/Oncor channels from monitoring the past few days. RadioReference has a lot of info too.
1/29/2010 Product Plug: I love FreeScan. I've been using it for about a year now, and it's awesome. "The award-winning Freeware program for programming the Uniden SC230, BC246T, UBC3500XLT, BC330T, BCD396, BC346XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, BCD996XT, BCT15 and BCD996T scanners. FreeSCAN allows to download and uploading programming, remote control the scanner, log hits, and supports printing out of systems and groups. It will run on Windows 2000, XP, Vista & Windows 7." While it is "freeware", I encourage you to support it with a donation (After you've tried it, and find you like it, of course). The RadioReference download, other importing features and ease of use are excellent.

1/27/2010 White Settlement has purchased and placed into service a new Motorola trunked digital radio system, including new dispatch center for the fire and police departments and portable radios for every firefighter position. Mutual aid radios were installed in Westworth Quint 41, Lockheed Engine 27, and Lockheed Quint 29. Additional portable radios are available in the command unit for mutual aid companies.

1/13/2010 Nothing too exciting to report, other than I received my 4th Uniden BCD996XT today for use at work. I love these things along with the BCT15X. They're so much easier to navigate and have plenty of room everything there is to hear in our area.

4/6/2009 Here's a link to where you can listen to other people's scanners from around the country.
4/6/2009 Link to a good source of data sounds you might hear on the scanner.

3/5/2009 Dallas Fire Rescue Incidents are now on Twitter. Major Incidents and Traffic Incidents
Thanks to Jon

11/24/2008 Uniden has a new site: Uniden Scanner Manual Web Site.
9/16/2008 Dallas/Fort Worth Airport's Founders Plaza will reopen in a new location on 9/17/2008. It's a great place to watch airplanes and listen to the air traffic controllers, and you don't even need a scanner.

6/14/2008 Fort Worth has some rebanding issues on the city council agenda. Thanks to Ed
11/29/2007 Thanks to several sources for the following updates.
Lake Cities Fire Department which serves Lake Dallas, Hickory Creek, Shady Shores, and Corinth, will now be dispatched by Highland Village. They use Lewisville trunked radio system, decimal talkgroup 28400.

"Dallas County Sheriff's Department will assume primary responsibility for responding to accidents on interstates and many other high-speed highways within Dallas' city limits. The City Council unanimously approved the change Wednesday. " from

There's a new Fort Worth Police Department beat map that should be in affect in January on the police page of this site.

10/16/2007 Watauga is using some of their new trunked channels in conventional mode. Police are on Channel 1 482.3 DCS 331, Channel 2 483.225 DCS 343, and Fire is on 483.45 DCS 346. Thanks to Eric for the heads-up.

10/4/2007 Happy 50th Anniversary Sputnik!
Here's an interesing article from the ARRL about the first man-made object launched into space and the radios involved. This was the beginning of a new era.

10/3/2007 The Fort Worth Alliance Airshow is coming October 20 and 21st and will feature the Navy Blue Angels.
10/02/2007 Lewisville TRS to get second site at Rockledge Park in Grapevine. Check out the online article from the Flower Mound Star.
9/27/2007 Burleson has a new LTR Trunked Radio System.
Here's the info we know so far. Thanks to those who submitted this info to me.
01. 482.9875
05. 482.5250
09. 482.6750
13. 482.6500
17. 482.5500

Fire 1  0-05-020
 Police 1 0-01-037
 Police 2  0-01-038
 Police talk? 0-01-057
Service Center  0-13-051
public works  0-13-053
Animal Control  0-13-054
public works  0-13-056

9/27/2007 Fort Worth NAS JRB will be home to an Army Reserve aviation maintenance company.
"The new Army unit performs intermediate maintenance on AH-64 Apaches, CH-47 Chinooks, UH-60 Black Hawks and other helicopters, from doing engine and sheet-metal work to fixing radios and avionics. Intermediate maintenance is more intensive than what can be done at the unit level but less intensive than what is done at the depot level." See Star-Telegram article for more info.

9/25/2007 Fort Worth is using a new automated dispatch system by Locution Systems on FDCH-7/EMS7 decimal talkgroup 5392 on Public Safety System 1. If a unit being dispatched is not in the station FDCH-1 1808 will be used.

8/6/2007 New GRE Scanners coming in the Fall. I hope their scanners are better than their website.
8/6/2007 Dallas Police Changes.
DPD Traffic units are now on channel 9, 460.025. Soon there will be a new South Central division and new boundries for patrol divisions. In addition a new CAD system is on the way, which will require new unit numbers throughout the department. Patrol units will be A### for first shift, B### for 2nd shift, C### for 3rd shift, D### for Day Power Shift, and E### for Evening Power Shift, F### for overlapping shifts.
Central 100-199
Northeast 200-299
Southeast 300-399
Southwest 400-499
Northwest 500-599
Northcentral 600-699
Southcentral 700-799
Special Events 800-999
Central Business Disctrict units will be L200-L299 (2nd watch) and L300-399 (3rd watch).
Traffic units will be T100-349. SWAT S801-899, Off Duty X + Badge number.
Stay tuned for details. Much more numbering info to come.

4/30/2007 - I've been working on a Google map of Tarrant County fire stations. It's especially cool in Google Earth. I'm still working on Arlington's stations.
4/12/2007 - article about Texas statewide radio coalition. "The coalition will research ways to make different radio systems work together and prioritize needs around the state, giving state officials a guide to use when applying for federal grants."

4/6/2007 - Keller and Southlake sharing resources. This Star-Telegram article describes the new combined dispatch and jail agreements. Keller took over jailing and dispatching operations from Southlake, who will pay Keller for the service, saving Southlake money on their new DPS station.

3/29/2007 Here's a handy item for severe weather information: Dallas County RACES Cloud Cowboy Reference Manual and here's a good source for SkyWarn frequencies used by the National Weather Service amateur radio team.

3/12/2007 Here are my latest Uniden BC396T and BC996T .usd files. I've put them in this folder, so you can pick and choose which ones to download and see what's in them before doing so.
2/26/2007 - Here's an article about Parker County going to a Motorola P25 system for county VFDs, constables, and others. Thanks to Tom for passing on the link.

2/20/2007 - Local Police Departments starting switch to plain English in place of signals and codes. See Star-Telegram article here. The article also mentions that Keller and Southlake will be merging some communications functions soon.

1/16/2007 National Weather Service Warnings to be more geographically precise. See article here.
1/15/2007 BCD396T Files for the Area
I have a Uniden BCD396T , and have loaded it with tons of frequencies and trunked systems for the area. You can download my files here(self-extracting .exe), to use with the Uniden software. Careful where you extract them, it might overwrite your existing files, if they happen to be the same name.

1/13/2007 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article about Fort Worth Dispatch System Costs
1/12/2007 - Johnson County going LTR - The new radio system is going to be a VHF Passport system using frequencies already licensed. Initially the fire departments will be on it along with Cleburne PD. In time as the other law enforcement agencies get funding for equipment they will join the system. Tower construction is supposed to begin next week and the system should be online within 90 days.
1/12/2007 - It's SkyWarn time again. Check out the local learning opportunities.
1/10/2007 - Fox 4 News Report on DFW Airport's Fire Training facility.
1/8/2007 - Photos From 2 Alarm Fatality fire in Arlington.
1/6/2007 - AP version Department of Homeland Security Tactical Interoperable Communications Scorecards for metro areas. DHS original version. See how the Dallas/Fort Worth area scored. Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article
12/17/2006 - Fort Worth Police Department Officer Dwayne Freeto was killed in a fiery auto accident this morning. Please pray for him, his family, friends, and coworkers.

12/11/2006 Lockheed Martin is starting to test the F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter at Fort Worth Naval Air Station. Here are a few frequencies to listen to 123.15, 123.575, 149.235, 148.095. Photos from First Flight! and Photos from test taxi.

11/21/2006 Fire Fighting page for the Media
It's a great page featuring a glossary and tips covering about fire fighting that will help reporters and others know some of the behind the scenes of the fire service.

11/3/2006 Dallas PD at Love Field - "there has been a slight change to the Dallas Police Radio Channel 9. The Love Field Unit now uses channel 9 as it's primary channel. Supposedly sometime next year the Dallas Police Departnment will be adding four new radio frequencies thus creating four new channels." Thanks to the visitor who sent this notice.

9/30/2006-10/1/2006 Fort Worth Alliance Airshow This Weekend
Features USAF Thunderbirds. On Friday, I heard 143.85AM and 235.25 for some of their flying. 122.775 was used by the Air Boss, as well as 120.825. Other frequencies can be found here or here.

F15, F16, and P-51 Flyover at Fort Worth Alliance Airport, 9/29/2006

9/12/2006 Bedford considering billing for some fire department services. Click here for Fort Worth Star-Telegram article.
9/12/2006 Civial Air Patrol (CAP) to get new Project 25 radios from EF Johnson. Click here for article.
9/11/2006 Waxahachie to get new 800Mhz Radio System according to a Waxahachie Daily Light article. According to the article, Waxahachie will "piggyback" on the East Texas Medical system.

9/3/2006 Link to Great Aviation Mishap Photos and Video Site
8/21/2006 Medstar Posts (MapsCo Coordinates/intersections)
8/21/2006 Photos of Euless 3 Alarm Fire
Three Alarm apartment fire in Euless, Texas. Firefighters from seven (7) agencies , Euless, Bedford, Hurst, Fort Worth, Colleyville, Grapevine and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, assisted with the three story fire that occurred early Sunday evening. The fire reportedly started when a mattress inside an apartment was ignited by a candle burning too close to the bed. One firefighter was transported to a local hospital with heat exhaustion and was later released in good condition. No other report of injuries. The building was a total loss and displaced 41 residents. The firefighter is doing well and was released last night. Thanks to Euless FD.

8/7/2006 I heard some activity on the Department of Justice (DOJ) 171.4375 DFW West interoperablity channel today. The frequency is also mentioned here on a Tarrant County website. Units appeared to be testing the radios, and mentioned switching to "Montague".
7/13/2006 - Keller and Southlake may merge their jail and dispatch centers. See Fort Worth Star-Telegram article here.
6/5/2006 Fort Worth Star-Telegram article about rebanding in Fort Worth
5/22/2006 Johnson County Communications Improvements - Article
4/20/2006 D/FW Airport Opens new Operations/Communications Center - See Fort Worth Star-Telegram article.
4/8/2006 There are some new downloads available for your BCD396T. They include a firmware update and an upate to the USAD software.

4/8/2006 The Fort Worth Naval Air Station Air Show will feature the Navy Blue Angels and other really cool stuff. It's May 13th and 14th. This year the gates will close to inbound traffic at 2:00PM, so make sure you get there early enough.

2/9/2006 FWNAS JRB Unit being decommissioned. See Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article.
2/7/2006 By request, here's a list of online CAD (computer aided dispatch) websites for the area, and then some.

2/1/2006 Thanks to Mark for a link to a help page for those looking for information about the Uniden BC396T fire out feature. Our are some that he's found so far. Here's what we've figure out so far.

1/20/2006 Arlington Police Depart, now has active call locations online.
Click on Non-Traffic Calls or Traffic Calls to check it out.

1/16/2006 Rebanding Hits More Roadblocks. USA Today article
It's SkyWarn Spotter School Time - Click here for the when and where.
Active Brush Fire Maps
Photos of Helicopters dropping water on Erath County Road 109 fire 1/2/2006

12/24/2005 - I found Fort Worth Alliance Airport's ground ops frequencies on 452.025 while watching a boxcar from the Holocaust being unloaded from an Antonov AN-124-100. It's headed to a museum in Houston. Click here for photos.
12/21/2005 - Forest Hill Police Department is moving from their conventional frequency 154.71 to Fort Worth's trunked system. The main patrol channel is on decimal talkgroup 21232, with several other channels up from there.

Photos - New Orleans, Chalmette, and Slidell - After Hurricane Katrina (12/4-6/2005)
12/7/2005 Fort Worth Police Cars may have a new look soon.
See the Fort Worth Star-Telegram article here.

12/4/2005 Texas Grass/Brush/Wildfire Information. Check out this link from the Texas Interagency Coordination Center. Keep these frequencies programmed for brush fire scanning. 154.28, 154.265 (State Fire 1 and 2), 159.3 Air to Ground Tac, 159.285 State Fire Compact, 122.575 State Forestry Air Attack Primary, 159.42 air ops at Parker Co. fires. Parker Co. 154.34, 154.25, Wise Co. 154.445, 460.6 Tarrant Co.
11/24/2005 Burelson High School Offers 911 Dispatcher Course Star-Telegram Article
10/15/2005 AP Article - 2009 Likely to be Deadline for Digitial TV
9/14/2005 AP Article Points Finger at Poor Radio Communications Again
9/13/2005 800Mhz Rebanding in North Texas Thanks to Paul This link to the NCTCOG explains the past and future of the NEXTEL rebanding in the area.

9/11/2005 Arlington has added two new frequencies to their trunked system. 867.5625 and 868.2625 - Thanks to Mark
9/11/2005 Fort Worth has a two new talkgroups decimal 21168 and 21200 that sound like it might be for FEMA use at Hurricane Katrina relief shelters in Fort Worth and Arlington. Thanks to Brian

9/7/2005 Roanoke Police are now using 453.4375 DSC 503.

8/28/2005 The Cleburne Fire Department received a Homeland Security Grant for $360,000 to improve radio communications in Johnson Co. See article here.
7/22/2005 Fort Worth Western Communications Tower News
Another step is about to be taken to get the WCT up and running to improve trunked radio coverage for the westside. A mobile communications unit will be put into service at the WCT site.

See this City Council Agenda item for details.

5/28/2005 I heard decimal tg 13 being used to patch Irving Fire to D/FW Airport fire. D/FW assisted Irving on a tanker fire at 183@MacArthur.

5/9/2005 CareFlite is in the process of moving off of the TXU 900MHz EDACS system to an UHF LTR Passport system operated by Teletouch along with 464.1 (PL 123.0) "CERN" and AirInc 131.45(Dallas) and 131.675(Fort Worth) channels for air ops. Good sources have it that the conversion should be done by the end of the month. From what I understand the Passport system is not scanable with scanners. The Johnson county LTR site will not be passport and will be used by CareFlite ground crews there. That system should be scannable.

4/28/2005 800Mhz "Rebanding" has been a popular topic on the DFWScan list lately. Here are a couple of links with more information. 800MhzRebanding and

4/10/2005 Photos of Irving Fire Department Training/Family Day at the Tarrant County College(TCC) Northwest Campus Fire Academy on 4/9/2005 The TCC Staff used 151.57 and IFD used 866.55.
4/7/2005 New(my next scanner!) Uniden BC396T Info from the FCC. Users Manual
4/4/2005 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram article on slow EMS responses by Rural-Metro

3/16/2005 Dallas Fire Rescue Alerting System Up for Bids

2/25/2005 CareFlite changing Radio Systems.
See TeleTouch press release. TXU is kicking non-TXU users off of their 900Mhz widea area radio system. CareFlite has been looking into an UHF LTR solution from TeleTouch for some time now. All of the details are not availble yet. I think there's a good chance the old VHF 155.28 and 155.34 dispatch frequencies, along with the AirInc channels, 131.675 and 131.45, may see more use in addition to the LTR system.

2/25/2005 Dallas looking for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Upgrade
2/2/2005 Cedar Hill, DeSoto, and Duncanville Regional Fire Channels
Regional 1 155.925 DPL 205 (Dispatch for all three cities)
Regional 2 159.060 PL 151.4 (I guess 2 & 3 will be for working incidents)
Regional 3 154.355 PL 114.8
Cedar Hill Units are 21#, DeSoto Units are 26#, Duncanville Units are 27#
There have also been reports on the Yahoo DFWScan group, that they will have mobile repeaters soon.

Fire Station Maps
I made these maps with Street Atlas 2005, and saved them as jpgs. You may need to expand(hover your mouse over bottom, right corner, and click the zoom button in IE) them to get a clear view. I'm sure they are not completely accurate. If you have a correction or update,please let me know.

Tarrant County Fire Stations Maps - North, South

Dallas County Fire Stations Maps- North, South

Collin County Fire Stations Maps- North, South

Denton County Fire Station Maps - North, South

Zipped Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant County Fire Station Location map - Street Atlas 2005. You upload these to your GPS as waypoints.

1/28/2004 Fort Worth purchasing microwave equipment for new Western Communications Tower - City Council Agenda Item

12/22/2004 Happy Holidays! I bought myself a Uniden BC246T recently and have been programming it for the past several weeks. It's now about 99% full! Here are some of the "systems" I have programmed. It's a self-extracting zip file of Uniden format files. I actually tweaked my Trunk Manager program to do most of the programming, then saved them from the scanner to the Uniden software, so others will be able to use them. You're welcome to use them to save yourself some data entry. Happy Scanning!

12/3/2004 "PANTEGO -- Pantego was awarded a $34,650 state grant Thursday to buy radio equipment that will allow the town's officers to communicate with other officers throughout Tarrant County. The radio system will help decrease emergency-response time by allowing Pantego officers to talk directly with Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield or other officers when they need assistance. The grant was awarded under the federal Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program and will be distributed by the Governor's Criminal Justice Division. " From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Tarrant County Homeland Security Grants - "By next summer, Homeland Security plans to give $5.3 million to Fort Worth and $5 million to Arlington. Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief said part of the money will go toward improving countywide communication services..." Read more at Fort Worth Star-Telegram

11/30/2004 Department of Justice and North Central Texas Council of Goverments Interopablity groups are working on 2 repeaters in the federal band. Visit NCTCOG for complete details.
DFW East will cover Dallas and Collins Counties 170.725 (input 162.9) PL 167.9
DFW West will cover Denton adn Tarrant Counties 171.4375 (input 162.975) PL 167.9

11/23/2004 Fort Worth City Council recommended to sign contract with Motorola for purchase of Western Communications Tower equipment and services. (agenda item). The document mentions the addition of 3 800Mhz frequencies for MDCs. The project is scheduled for completion in October 2005.
11/21/2004 Fort Worth Police Updating Northern Beats (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article) Listen to N-PTRL (decimal tg 2992 on the Fort Worth Public Safety system) • Charlie 12: Business district (Interstate 35W and Northeast Loop 820) • Charlie 13: Haslet area • Charlie 14: Western Summerfields • Charlie 15: Eastern Summerfields and Park Glen • Charlie 16: Alliance Airport area

11/16/2004 Fort Worth going 700Mhz. A reliable source told me FWFD is doing a radio inventory in prepration for Nextel moving them to 700Mhz. No ETA. Stay tuned for details.

9/25/2004 I found a Funeral Procession Motorcycle Officer Frequency 462.725 today. I didn't find a license on the FCC site. It's being used in Fort Worth.
9/19/2004 There's a new D/FW Airport SkyLink Train Frequency 453.125 for passenger PA/Emergency contacts.

8/28/2004 Arlington to receive grant for radio system upgrade (Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article) "The grant will go toward the purchase of a radio repeater system that will boost transmissions in low-lying areas of the city"
8/11/2004 Grand Prairie Fire Department is testing out new digital channels on their system. I'm listening tothem on 36816 as I type this. 36848 is likely to be an EMS channel. I also heard something on 36880.
7/11/2004 Police, Fire, & Military Parade in the works for September 11
7/9/2004 Nextel gets controversial OK to swap spectrum (USA Today Article)
7/6/2004 Digital Video Coming to Patrol Cars (AP/Excite article)
7/1/2004 Check out this great website for active Dallas Fire Rescue incidents with some cool links to maps and other info. Thanks to a DFWScan member for pointing this one out.

6/28/2004 Fort Worth's Western Communications Tower is expected to be completed fourth quarter 2004 according to a recent Capital Improvement Project update.

6/28/2004 Crowley PD is now using 154.1 PL 88.5

5/19/2004 A US Marine serving in Iraq, asks his mom for radios, lots of radios. See the ABC News story here. I wonder if they're legal there? I'm sure the concerned mom was unaware of the military specific ISR (Intra Squard Radio) radios on these frequencies.
ISR (FSR) 01 (Intra Squad Radio) 396.875
ISR (FSR) 02 397.125
ISR (FSR) 03 397.175
ISR (FSR) 04 397.375
ISR (FSR) 05 397.425
ISR (FSR) 06 397.475
ISR (FSR) 07 397.55
ISR (FSR) 08 397.95
ISR (FSR) 09 398.05
ISR (FSR) 10 399.425
ISR (FSR) 11 399.475
ISR (FSR) 12 399.725
ISR (FSR) 13 399.925
ISR (FSR) 14 399.975

5/17/2004 Grand Prairie PD has gone APCO25 Digital. I think the PD channels listed here are accurate, but the IDs and Channel Names might be a little mixed up.

Fort Worth NAS JRB Airshow Photos (5/15/2004)

5/12/2004 Here's my latest talkgroup file for use with Trunk Manager, and here's my BC796D frequency file. These are self-extracting files you can unzip where you like, and then open with Trunk Manager and/or Radio Manager. You're also welcome to export/import them as needed.

5/11/2004 I've just released new versions of Radio Manager, Radio Manager Client (for controlling your scanner over the internet), and Trunk Manager

This software is shareware, so you can try it before you buy it. There's also a new lower registration fee if you purchase Radio and Trunk Manager together.

5/8/2004 There's a new battery that charges in 15 minutes, and last about 10 hours in the Pro-96 according to a Monitoring Times article. The new Rayovac IC-3 series batteries have a built-in circuit that controls charging. Now if only Uniden would start using a battery pack that takes AAs, I'd be happy.

5/6/2004 Texas Christian University (TCU) has several new talkgroups on the Fort Worth TRS. I believe they start at 20592, and go from there(in increments of 32), but I have not confirmed that yet. Here are the channel labels reported by an anonymous source. TCU-1 TCU-2 TCU-3 TCU-4 TCU-5 TCU-6 TCU-CID-1 TCU-CID-2 TCU-SE-1 TCU-SE-2 TCU-S-1 TCU-S-2 TCU-S-3 TCU-AG Thanks!

5/1/2004 The Colony Police department is now on 453.375 DPL 271 Here's an article from The Colony Courier

4/24/2004 Watauga and TCU on Fort Worth TRS. It appears from a Fort Worth City Council agenda item, that Watauga will be trying out the Fort Worth Motorola 800Mhz trunked system. TCU Security (decimal talkgroup 20592) has been heard operating on the system for over a month now. There are lots of interesting tidbids of information in the agenda item, take a look.

4/24/2004 New Live Scanner Feed Site features Central Texas agencies.

4/11/2004 Moore Manufacturing offers some cool radio harnesses that were mentioned in the April 2004 Monitoring Times magazine.

3/29/2004 The Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center opens this week. Check out 462.925 as it is licensed to them(apparently simplex use), along with 40splinter UHF frequencies(2 watts, low power) according to FCC records.

3/22/2004 Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (FWNASJRB) TRS I found two new frequencies to add to this UHF Motorola APCO25/mixed analog system. They are 407.3625 and 407.9625.

3/4/2004 Texas Christian University (TCU) Security is now on the Fort Worth Public Safety system 1, using decimal talkgroup 20592.
3/3/2004 New Notification Service Available -
2/16/2004 What are Squelch, CTCSS, DCS, DPL, PL, CG, DCG, and QC tones?
These subaudible(we can't hear them, but they're there) tones are used on some radio systems to eliminate interference and limit access to channels. In radio systems featuring tones, transmitters encode the subaudible tone, and receivers decode the tone. If it matches what is programmed into the radio the speaker is unmuted. If the tone does not match, then the speaker stays muted, thus preventing noise from interference and other users using the same frequency, but not part of the group of radios intended to be heard. Usually the encode and decode tones are the same, but they can be different. This makes it possible for a frequency to be used by more than one group of people without hearing the other group's traffic. If two people from different groups transmit at the same time, there may still be problems, but often there is enough distance and difference in time, that a single frequency can be used effectively by more than one group. Many repeaters use tones to limit access as well. Only transmissions with the proper tone encode will be passed through the repeater.

For us listening on the scanner, it is helpful to know the tones a particular group uses on their radios, so we can identify and filter out channels for ourselves.
The Uniden BC780XLT, BC785D, BC250D, BC296D, BC796D and some other scanners will search for squelch tones, and then if you want, you can choose to use those tones to hear only transmissions on a frequency with that tone. It helps to keep interference and transmission from other users from coming through on the channel you're interested in.

DCS=Digital Coded Squelch
CTCSS=Continous Tone Coded Squelch System
PL=Private Line(Motorola's brand)
DPL=Digital Private Line (Motorola's brand)
QC=Quiet Call
CG=Channel Guard (Ericsson/GE brand)
DCG=Digital Channel Guard(Ericsson/GE)

2/16/2004 Blue Mound goes to UHF. I've heard Police on 453.6375 with a PL of 151.4, and just heard Fire toned out on 453.7375 with a PL of 118.1.
2/1/2004 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article on Mansfield Public Safety Software
2/1/2004 Fort Worth Star-Telegram Article on new transmitter rule for Haslet. "Haslet residents must fill out a form if they are setting up a transmitter in the city, under the revised telecommunications ordinance approved by the City Council. "

1/19/2004 New Versions!
Looking for software for your Uniden BC250D, BC296D, BC785D, BC796D, BC780XLT, or BC895XLT? Check out the latest versions of Radio Manager(control, logging, remote scanning, email notification of channel activity and much more) and Trunk Manager(upload/download, data management, publishing, and more).

1/10/2004 New Link - Reporting on Fire and Rescue Emergency Events(includes a good Fire Fighting Glossary)
1/6/2004 Emegency! The old 70's TV Show is on at 23:00(11PM) on channel 52!
1/6/2004 NE Tarrant/Bedford TRS appears to be adding Southlake's 859.9375 frequency to the system. It had previously been used by the Denton County TRS when Southlake was on that system. Unless you are using the Control Channel Only method of TrunkTracking, you will need to program in 859.9375 into your scanner or miss out on the action.

1/1/2004 The National Weather Service will be conducting several SkyWarn Spotter Training classes this quarter. It's a great way to get ready for Spring storms.

12/31/2003 NCTCOGNorth Central Texas Council of Governments Region Wide Communications Interoperability Assessment(Huge 7MB, 500+ Pages). I haven't digested it yet, but with a quick glance, it looks very interesting.

12/31/2003 The Carrollton TRS was recently upgraded with another tower site to improve coverage.

12/31/2003 A new EMS Air Ambulance Service is in town. It's Air Evac Services. Air Evac is a wholly owned subsidiary of Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. out of Lafayette, Louisiana. SkyMed 2 is an American Eurocopter A-Star based at McKinney Airport, and SkyMed 3 will be a BK-117 based at Parkland soon. They operate on 159.99 PL 186.2. Thanks for the info to folks on the DFWScan Yahoo Group.

12/30/03 I just received my Uniden BC796D today, and so far it's great! It's pulling in Fort Worth NAS JRB's APCO25 UHF Trunked system from Bedford. It seems to be doing a lot better on UHF than a Pro-96 thus far.

12/28/03 Dallas Morning News article on Grand Prairie's communications plans. The current analog Motorola Trunked Radio System (TRS) will be going digital, probably in the first half of 2004 after all 3 towers are in service. It's reported that the second one is already in service that boosts coverage for the NW portion of the city. The third tower will enhance coverage in the south near Joe Pool Lake. Other dispatch center upgrades include cell phone mapping, laptops for officers, and a new center.

12/17/03 The Colony to Purchase new Trunked Radio System (Click here for Online Article)
11/03/2003 New Fire Feeds Service provides scanner audio over the internet.
10/31/2003 Grand Prairie apparently is upgrading their Motorola trunked radio system (TRS). They've been using 857.9625 and 868.9625 running as a separate system while they test coverage. Others have reported that they will be going digital, and the testing I've heard confirms this. Decimal talkgroup 2192 on the test system has been analog, and I heard digital noise on 40688, but I'm not certain of that one yet. I believe one of these will be "Patrol 4".

North Central Texas Council Of Governments Radio Page Link
NCTCOG Interoperablity Document (Includes recommended frequencies, channel labels, and procedures for radio communications interoperablity) - Thanks to Ed C. for finding this jewel.
10/28/2003 The US Air Force provided extra security for the President's visit to Dallas today. Here's a recording of a warning to a civilian aircraft going where he should not have gone (recorded with RecCall Pro and RadioShack Pro2006 on 121.5) Beast 1 and 2 were working on 271.0.

New Frequency on Lewisville TRS 868.425 Thanks to the folks on the DFWScan List for catching it.
New Dallas/Fort Worth Area Fire Equipment News Page

Another Interoperablity Link

Texas Interoperablity Frequencies
SkyWarn Severe Weather Scanner Frequencies
Motorola's Position Statement on 700Mhz

Fort Worth Outdoor Warning System (Sirens) by SafetyCom

Texas Interoperablity Conference 1/7/2003 (online article, link borrowed from

Channels Article on D/FW Airports switch to ProVoice

FCC's Public Safety Website

Determining LTR Frequency Position

3/10/2002 Dallas/Fire Rescue - Active Incidents website
Check this out to see what Dallas FD and EMS are up to. It's a handy tool to use if you're an IPN dispatcher. We'll have to put together a list of some of the Call Descriptions(CD) codes displayed. List of Codes

New - How to Program a Trunked System in a Uniden BC235XLT or BC895XLT.

Scanner Audio from the Stolen Truck Fire/Chase in Dallas 11/7/2001. Click here to listen. About 19 minutes into it(total 30 minutes play time, actual chase lasted a lot longer), the dispatcher advises that "800" (Tac supervisor, I assume) called for a "code 100", which I believe is an authorization to use deadly force as necessary to stop the suspect. This was recorded with RecAllPro (from and a BC780XLT on 460.5.

Fort Worth PS Trunked Radio System Notes (from a recent user meeting)
1. There are currently between 7,500 and 8,000 radios on the FWPS system.
2. There are plans to have 3 "TalkAround" Channels that will be mobile applications only and only good for a 3 to 5 mi range. The signal will not be on any logging devices. If the officer is on this channel and they hit their emergency status, NO base units will pick up the signal UNLESS their radio is programmed so that they emergency status is transmitted over their primary channel. From the way it sounds, these will be difficult to pick up by scanner. Someone else suggested that the 3 Bedford Direct Channels above might be used in Fort Worth as well. They are actually licensed to the State of Texas.
3. A new West Fort Worth tower project is in the works to take care of the radio problems in the west part of Fort Worth. It will be a 250-400 ft tower depending on FAA regs due to Carswell and the close proximity of the possible site. It is an estimated 18-month project.
4. Future planning to move 8 channels from the LGT to the PST system, simulcasting the LGT systems and rebuilding of tower sites.

Police Dept. Wireless Mics!
Here's a new one to me. Actually some folks on the DFW Scan List mentioned it several months ago, but I didn't try it out until today. I was able to hear a police officer interview a subject whose buddy had just shop lifted a grocery store. I searched between 169.0000 and 172.0000, and got a hit on 169.45, but I think I was using the wrong step. I should probably have been using 0.005 instead of 0.0125. Anyway, it was pretty interesting, and it's a good range to have programmed in for when you need it. The wireless mic is used with the in-car video camera to capture an incident on tape. They are very low power, so you have to be pretty close by to hear them.

Like Fire Trucks?
Check out these links to Fire Apparatus Manufacturers and Customizers. You can usually find a new or recent deliveries section, and who knows, you might find out your FD is getting a new truck.

General Scanning Information, Tips, and FAQs
SkyWarn Severe Weather Scanner Frequencies
Ben's Beginners Buyer's Guide for Scanners Updated 7/5/2001
Search Ranges
Scanning Trunked Systems
Scanning Suggestions
Antenna Answers
In the News
Scanner Dealers and Other Sources of Scanning Information

Public Safety Scanning
Fire Department Scanning and Buff Information
E.M.S. Scanning
Police Department Scanning
A Description of police Mobile Data Terminals (MTDs)

Aviation Scanning
Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base
Scanning the AFRES 301st Fighter Squadron
Fort Worth ARTCC (AKA "Fort Worth Center")
TRACON (Approach/Departure Control)
Aviation Scanning Information

Misc. Scanning
Low Powered Frequencies
Scanning the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Malls
Scanning the Texas Motor Speedway
Waco Area Scanning Information from Anonymous

What is Scanning?

Scanning is the hobby of listening to radio frequencies used by police, fire, EMS, aviation, business, or anything else that is 30MHz (frequency) or higher. Why Scan? It's fun! I've always been interested in knowing how public safety, aviation, and the media, etc. work behind the scenes. Listening to their two-way radio communications is usually the fastest way to know what's going on. Often you'll hear information that you wouldn't hear otherwise. I guess I started scanning in the early 80's when I was still dreaming of becoming a firefighter. Listening to where the fire trucks were going and what they said over the air was the closet I could get to the fire department at that age. I'm not interested in being a firefighter any more, but my interest in scanning has continued to grow. I appreciate dispatchers, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and air traffic controllers much more because of scanning.

About Ben Saladino

Please don't take it personally, but please do not call me. I just don't have time to answer questions by phone. Much of what I know about scanning is available here anyway. You are welcome to email me to exchange frequencies and other information, but please see Ben's Beginners Buyer's Guide for Scanners, for help in deciding what radio to buy. If you still have questions, email me, and I'll see what I can do. Please do not ask me how to scan cellular telephones, or use what you can hear on scanners for personal gain (some examples, insurance adjusting and fire restoration, etc.). My understanding is that it is illegal to use what you hear on a scanner for personal gain.

Obviously I love scanning. I use or at least have 5 Uniden BCD996XTs, a Uniden BCD396XT, Uniden BCD396T, Uniden BC796D, 4 Uniden BCT15Xs, BC246T, Radio Shack Pro-97, Kenwood TH-D7 a Kenwood TH-78A, and 2 Kenwood TMD-700As, Kenwood UHF/LTR TK380. I also have an OptoElectronics OptoCom..

I'm now into collecting diecast fire trucks! One of my other hobbies is also a business.

My full-time job is at a bicycle shop. There I'm computer guy, inventory guy, office guy, truck unloading guy, salesman, and whoever else they need me to be. I do get to ride sometimes.

I have an associate’s degree in computer science, but most of what I use, I learned on my own. All of the above wouldn't mean a thing without God, my family and my friends.
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