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Pierce Road Rally Southwest at D/FW Airport Fire Station 6 (2/29/2012)

Thanks for your patience!Oregon - Vacation - Fire Related Photos (5/20-25/2010)

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Texas Fire Museum Christmas Open House (12/12/2009)

Fort Worth Holiday Parade of Lights 2009 (11/27/2009)

Arlington, Texas Spartan Firefighters Combat Challenge (10/30/2009)

Tarrant County Fire Service Training Center (10/14/2009)

Crash Rescue Tour (September 28, 2009) (Crash Rescue website)

Fire Rescue International - FRI 2009, Dallas, TX, August 28, 2009

May 20, 2009 Mount Rushmore Area- I vacationed in South Dakota and Wyoming recently, and saw these fire related things. If you're really bored and want to see most of my vacation photos click here. It's well worth a trip up there to see the beautiful country and national landmarks. A special thanks to Anna at Deadwood Fire Department for taking the time to pull out a couple of apparatus after a day of training and for Rich(I hope I remembered that correctly) coming in to sell me a T-shirt and Patch. Ben

12/4-5/2008 D/FW Airport Fire Training - I had a great opportunity to see live fire training at D/FW's burn pit today. Miami-Dade was in town training. I shot a little video with a new Flip Video Mino HD, and put it on YouTube. It looks much better on my computer than it does on YouTube, but I guess they have to compress it quite a bit to be able to stream as much as they do. Here's a better version in Windows .wmv format. Here are my still photos from 12/4 and some more from 12/5. I made a few into good 1024x768 wallpaper sizes here, here, here, and here. If you're from MiamiDade FD and want larger photos for prints, just let me know. Thanks to D/FW Airport and Miami-Dade for allowing me access.

Texas Fire Museum Muster at Dallas, Fish Trap Park (May 3, 2008)

Texas Fire Museum Muster Show Winners (5/5/2007, Fish Trap Park, Dallas, TX) - Photos by TFM

Dallas Fire Rescue Department Maintenance/Training/Supply Facility Tour (2/21/2008)

Fort Worth Station 2, D/FW Airport Training, Stewart & Stevenson, Texas Fire Museum tours (2/22/2008)

Martin Appartus/Pierce Open House (5/7/2007, Denton, TX)

Granbury Volunteer Fire Department 100th Annivesary Parade (3/3/2007)

North Richland Hills and Hurst Fire Department Open Houses (10/7/2006)

Grapevine Truck 561 (My favorite truck)

Spotting Guide

Ferrara Factory Tour Jan. 2004

Fire Rescue International, Dallas, TX 9/15/2006

Fire Rescue International, Dallas, TX 8/24/2003 Exhibitor List

Fire Rescue International, New Orleans, LA 8/13/2004

Houston Fire Fest and Fire Fighter's Mass October 2003

Texas Fire Museum (Holidays 2006)

Texas Fire Museum Dec. 14, 2002 (Visit Texas Fire Museum online at

Texas Fire Museum Muster May 07, 2005

Boston Area (Mass., New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, 6/16-20/2008)

Colorado and Wyoming (June 2004)

Georgia (March 2005)

Illinois - Chicago(June 2003,June2005)



Louisiana-New Orleans Area

Nevada-Las Vegas

New York - FDNY(Oct. 2001)


Pacific Northwest (Seattle, etc.)

Texas - thumbnails Listing (alphabetical) Listing(most recent files at top)

Wiconsin - Waterloo(June 2003)

Fire Scene Photos and Fire Photography

Dallas/Fort Worth Area Fire Equipment News

Need a fire engine for a party or special event? Please visit, and tell him Ben sent you. Garry is one of the many friendly members of the Texas Fire Museum, and has a great looking 1956 Maxim that will make kids of all ages smile.

Want your fire truck photographed? I would love to photograph it. Please send an email to email address.

Most photos after 11/22/2004 taken with Nikon D70.

Most photos after 9/16/2002 and before 11/22/2004 taken with Nikon Coolpix 5700.

Most photos prior to 9/16/2002 taken with Kodak DC3600 or scanned in from film photos.

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