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Thank You! To all of the firefighters, engineers, apparatus operators, chiefs, and other members of fire departments who are always so kind to bring out your apparatus for people like myself, and many of this site's contributors.  We fire buffs/photographers really depend on your help to position the apparatus for good photos.  I know I've shown up at less than convenient times, and yet you've often made time for my impromptu visits.  I always try to credit the photographer of apparatus featured here. However, it's not always practical to give credit with the actual photo for all of the others who made a photographer's shot good, so again, Thank You from me and my photographer friends!

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2020-12-24 Many Please follow the link for a video slideshow of some of my favorite photos I took in 2020. Link 1 :

2019-03-31 NE Tarrant County Many of you may know of my Facebook page, Working Photos by Ben Saladino. I'll probably keep posting there, but I'm also going to try using my website at the link to start sharing more of my fire service photography. I'll continue to keep this page for fire apparatus and station news. Please check it out and share with people who don't like or have access to Facebook. Thank You Link 1 :

2018-08-10 Dallas, FRI2018 Here are a few of my shots from the Fire Rescue International 2018(FRI2018) Expo. It's going on through 8/11/2018. Follow the second link for a free expo pass. Link 1 : Link 2

2018-06-04 Bedford, D/FW Airport Bedford Citizens Fire Academy Class 26 had their field day at D/FW Airport's Fire Research Training Center Saturday June, 2, 2018. Follow the link for a few pics. Photo 1 :

2018-04-14 Euless Worked a 2 alarm fire with help from Bedford, Grapevine, Fort Worth, and Haltom City. Here are some photos I shot. Link 1 :

2018-04-07 Hurst, Bedford, Euless Hurst Police and Fire Departments, along with Bedford and Euless FDs worked car crash/natural gas explosion/house fire on the city's south side. Here are some of the photos and video that I was able to shoot. Link 1 : Link 2

2018-01-29 Bedford Bedford worked a dryer/house fire on Sunday. Follow the links for some of the video and still shots I was able to capture. Link 1 : Link 2

2017-12-31 North Texas Here's a video that's probably too long, but I think it highlights well some of the almost 13,000 photos that I shot in 2017. There are about 275 photos included from various fire service events and scenes that I had the opportunity to photograph. These are some of my best and favorite shots, and I hope you enjoy them. Most of these shots are from North East Tarrant County, and a few other fire departments of the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. Link 1 :

2017-09-16 Tarrant County College TCC's Fire Service Training Center hosted Fire Fest 2017. The firefighter training was open to all departments, and taught by local instructors. Topics included Live Fire, Pumping: The First Five Minutes, SCBA, and Swift Water Awareness. The first link is to my photos, the 2nd to the flier. Link 1 : Link 2

2017-09-10 Fort Worth I was asked to photograph the 3rd Annual Climb for a Calling, which was held at Burnett Plaza in downtown Fort Worth. Follow the link to see the album of photos I shot. Link 1 :

2017-09-08 Irving Worked a 2 alarm(plus a couple extra companies) apartment fire at about 16:00. Follow the link to some of the photos I shot. Link 1 :

2017-03-16 Hurst Worked a house fire on the far north side this morning. Follow the links for photos and video that I shot. Bedford, Colleyville, and North Richland Hills assisted on scene. Link 1 : Link 2

2017-03-14 Hurst Had a very busy afternoon. There was a house fire in Station 1's district, and during that Euless and NRH helped Hurst out with a major accident on Pipeline, where 1 patient was transported by PHI Helicopter. Bedford helped with the very smoky house fire. Follow the links for photos and video that I shot. Link 1 : Link 2

2017-03-08 Grapevine, D/FW Airport Grapevine worked a small commercial fire near the airport. D/FW Airport's Big Ban 38 made quick work of ventilation. Here are some photos that I took. Link 1 :

2017-03-06 Euless, Bedford Euless worked a chimney fire with some help from Bedford, early this morning. Follow the link to an album of photos that I took. Link 1 :

2017-02-14 Haltom City Along with Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, and the Bedford air truck worked a house fire on broadway today. Here are some of the photos I took. Link 1 :

2017-02-12 Euless, Bedford Here are some photos from a restaurant fire in Euless. Bedford Engine 151 and Battalion 15 responded as well. Link 1 :

2017-02-11 North Richland Hills Made a quick exterior, then interior attack at a 2nd story balcony fire, keeping the fire from taking off through the attic. It was well under control by the time I arrived, but here are some photos that I shot. Link 1 :

2017-01-27 Ben Saladino For those of you on Facebook, I've created a page(Working Photos by Ben Saladino) for sharing my fire service photography. Please, click the link to like, follow, and share. Link 1 :

2017-01-15 Hurst Worked a garage/house fire on the SE side of the city. Here are a few photos and a little video that I took. Bedford and Euless assisted on scene. Link 1 : Link 2

2016-12-13 Bedford Lt. Keith Long died of cancer 12/8/2016, and was laid to rest 12/13/2016. Here are some photos from the procession that started at Pennington Field in Bedford and ended at Grapevine Cemetery. Link 1 :

2016-10-29 Euless Worked a fully involved shed fire. I had just finished dinner, not too far way, and was able to arrive as they were arriving to get some good action shots. Link 1 :

2016-06-29 Argyle I was asked to photography an active shooter drill in Argyle, and many local agencies participated. Here's an album of some of my photos. Link 1 :

2016-06-12 Trophy Club There were several lightning related house fires in Trophy Club Sunday afternoon. With almost all Trophy Club apparatus tied up on one fire, several other departments worked this one on Trophy Club. Here are some of my photos. Link 1 :

2016-05-23 RI/CT Vacation Here are some fire service photos from my vacation to Rhode Island and Connecticut 5/19/2016-5/22/2016. It's very nice up that way, and there's some great history. Link 1 :

2016-05-19 Grapevine After lunch today, I swung by a 3 Alarm apartment fire in Grapevine. There was lots of mutual aid, included Lewisville's new Engine 5. Photos are at the link. Photo 1 :

2016-03-14 Haltom City Worked a 2 Alarm auto repair shop fire this morning. Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, Watauga, and Bedford provided mutual aid on the scene. Here are some of the photos I took. Link 1 :

2016-03-14 Watauga Worked a house fire on Murel Dr with North Richland Hills, Haltom City, and Keller. Here are some of my photos Link 1 :

2016-03-11 Fort Worth, Euless Fort Worth and Euless worked a 1 story house fire in the 13000 block of S. Pipeline. Here are some of the photos that I took. Link 1 :

2016-03-07 Euless, Arlington I'm sharing some photos from Euless Police Officer Hofer's Celebration of Life procession and services that took place 3/5/2016. His end of watch was 3/1/2016. Grand Prairie Quint 10 and Arlington Engine 12, both new arrivals are included in the album. RIP #554 Link 1 :

2016-01-07 Bedford Bedford worked at Hazmat incident at 2100 Reliance Pkwy with the help of several other departments. Here are some photos from the incident. Link 1 :

2015-12-05 Euless Euless worked a 2 Alarm apartment fire with 4 rescues Saturday morning. Bedford, Colleyville, D/FW Airport, Grapevine, and Haltom City provided mutual aid on scene. Here are a few of my photos. Link 1 :

2015-09-17 Bedford The crews made a quick knockdown on an apartment fire this morning. Here are a few photos that I took. Link 1 :

2015-09-10 Bedford, NEFDA I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Bedford CFAAA Rehab Team last night, handing out water to crews that were training at TCC. I also had some time to take a few photos. Westlake's new Engine 481 was there, and I took quite a few photos of it. Link 1 :

2015-08-24 Colleyville Here's a link to some photos from a 3 Alarm fire at 1201 Hall-Johnson yesterday morning. I believe every NE Tarrant department was there, including D/FW Airport. Link 1 :

2015-06-20 Grand Prairie I enjoyed a nice 80 mile bicycle ride to/through Grand Prairie this morning. I was able to ride by each station, as well as PD/FD HQ, and Public Safety Training. Check out the link for my route and a few cell phone shots if you're interested. Thanks to the FF at 8's and at 1's for spending a few minutes with me. Link 1 :

2015-02-28 Bedford, Hurst Hurst provided mutual aid to Bedford on a house fire this very cold Saturday night. Please follow the link to see some of the photos I shot. Link 1 :

2015-02-22 Euless, Bedford Bedford assisted Euless with an apartment laundry room fire Sunday night. Please follow the link to see a few photos I shot. Link 1 :

2015-01-01 Bedford, Euless Bedford worked a chimney fire with help from Euless. A few of my photos are at the link. Link 1 :

2014-12-31 Euless, Bedford, Grapevi Euless worked an early morning house fire with help from Bedford and Grapevine today. A few of my photos are available at the link. Photo 1 : Photo 2 : Photo 3 : Photo 4 : Link 1 :

2014-12-23 Colleyville, Bedford Colleyville worked a house fire today with mutual aid from Bedford, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Southlake. Follow the link for some of the photos I took. Photo 1 : Photo 2 : Photo 3 : Photo 4 : Link 1 :

2014-08-15 Dallas Here are some of my photos from Fire Rescue International 2014 at the Dallas Convention Center through tomorrow. It was good talking with several fire apparatus friends, Rich, Jeff, Jon, Brian, Josh, and others. There were lots of local apparatus on display, looking really sharp. Photo 1 : Link 1 : Link 2

2014-06-24 Colleyville Colleyville worked a 2 Alarm fatality house fire at about 01:00 this morning. They were assisted by Bedford, Hurst, Keller, North Richland Hills, and Southlake. I believe it was a defensive fire from the start. The two story house was fully-involved when I arrived. Some of my photos are at the 1st link, and a story with more info is at the second. Link 1 : Link 2

2014-04-14 Grapevine Grapevine was assisted by Coppell and D/FW Airport on a structure fire yesterday morning, at Love and War in Texas Restaurant. There are still photos on the first link, and a short video at the second. It was VERY WINDY! Link 1 : Link 2

2014-03-14 Bedford Here are a few photos and a video of an electrical fire at 2712 Brown Trail in Bedford, EARLY Saturday morning. Photo 1 : Link 1 : Link 2

2014-02-22 Hurst Bedford was dispatched to assist Hurst on a structure fire Saturday morning. The garage was well involved, but out by the time I arrived. The boat was still well involved. The first link is of still photos, and the second has a short video. Link 1 : Link 2

2014-01-17 Bedford Follow the link for some photos and video of a house fire on Jasmine Ct. Link 1 : Link 2

2014-01-08 Hurst Hurst, Bedford, Euless, Fort Worth, Richland Hills, and North Richland Hills(I hope I didn't miss anyone) worked at 2 Alarm this evening at 601 Bellaire. Follow the link to see a few of the photos I took. Link 1 :

2014-01-01 Fire Scene Photography Some of my older fire scene photography can be found at the link. Starting in 2014, newer fire scene photography can be found on this page. You can use the department or category filters to narrow down the search for a particular incident. Link 1 :

2013-11-02 Bedford Bedford Citizens Fire Academy classes 22 and 23 were welcome to D/FW Airport's fire training center today. D/FW, M153, and T153 were great hosts, and everyone had a great time. Follow the link for photos. The newest Oshkosh Stryker, EZ42 is featured. Link 1 :

2013-10-12 Grapevine Grapevine had "The Big One" tonight. 5 Alarms for 3 story apartments under construction, next to Grapevine Mills Mall. What a huge number of agencies on scene. They'll be there all night, I'm sure. I actually had more photos of fire than apparatus in this bunch. Link 1 :

2013-10-05 Bedford Here are some photos from a house fire on Shady Lane in Bedford, last Sunday evening 9/29/2013. Hurst Engine 201 responded mutual aid. Link 1 :

2013-08-24 I visited my aunt and uncle in Chicago last week and was able to visit Fire Rescue International 2013. I saw a few Chicago apparatus as well as a scene from Chicago Fire being filmed. Check out the photos at the link below. Sorry, I don't have time to caption them all. Link 1 :

2013-06-24 Bedford Bedford worked a 2 Alarm fire the other night(6/21/2013), in the 2100 block of Reliance. D/FW Airport assisted with Fan 38, several other cities also helped, including the Hazmat team. Photo 1 : Link 1 :

2013-05-30 Colleyville Here are a few photos from a 2 alarm fire in Colleyville on 5/30/2013 around 20:00. I finially got to see the green LED ladder pathway lights on Truck 243. Very cool! Photo 1 : Link 1 :

2013-05-21 Utah Not all fire related, but there's an apparatus or two in these photos from my vacation to Utah that past 5 days. I now understand what "Utah Rocks!" means. What a beautiful place. Link 1 :

2013-05-11 Bedford Here are a few photos after Bedford tapped out a garage fire on Schumac last Saturday night. Link 1 :

2013-03-02 Fort Worth Here are few photos of Fort Worth apparatus at the Bass Performance Hall after a small fire involving drapery near the stage this evening. The trailer-mounted "Super Fan", (SVI/SuperVac) was called in to help ventilate. Link 1 : Link 2

2013-02-10 Bedford Here are some photos from a 2, possibly 3 alarm, fire in the 1400 block of Shady Lane in Bedford. Link 1 :

2013-01-22 Bedford Here are some photos of the Kwik Kar Lube fire at 2812 Central today. Arriving units reported heavy fire conditions and explosions. Later a dog was rescued from the building. I'm waiting to hear how it's doing. Photo 1 : Link 1 :

2013-01-05 All I've added a photo gallery for all of the images on this site. Check it out when you have a chance. There are tons of photos, so it takes a while for all of the thumbnails to show, but it should be easier to see a LOT of fire apparatus pics/photos/images this way. Link 1 :

2012-12-28 Bedford Worked a garage/car fire on Shady Grove this evening. Hurst provided mutual aid. Click the link for photos. Link 1 :

2012-12-08 Hurst I took a few photos at a 2 Alarm fire at TCC NE Campus this afternoon. Hurst had help from North Richland Hills, Bedford, Fort Worth, D/FW Airport, and maybe some others that I missed. Link 1 :

2012-12-08 Hurst Tarrant County College Northeast Campus fire, 828 Harwood, Hurst, TX Link 1 :

2012-10-07 Grand Prairie With some help from Arlington, fought a 3 Alarm apartment fire this morning. Here are a few of the photos that I took. Link 1 :

2012-10-07 Grand Prairie 3 Alarm Silverbrook Apartment Fire photos 2806 S Highway 360, Grand Prairie, TX Link 1 :

2012-08-12 Irving Worked a 3 alarm apartment fire in the 5000 block of Courtside this evening. Here are a few of the photos that I shot. Link 1 :

2012-08-12 Irving 3 Alarm Broadmoor Villa Apartment Fire Photos, 5000 block of Courside, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2012-05-17 Arizona & Utah Here are photos of some of the apparatus I saw on my vacation trip to The Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. It's beautiful out there, and I hope everyone gets to see it some day. Link 1 :

2012-05-05 Bedford Worked an apartment fire this evening. They made a great knockdown. Here are some photos that I took. Link 1 :

2012-05-05 Bedford Apartment fire photos from 1304 Sierra Springs, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2012-02-29 D/FW Airport Siddons-Martin/Pierce Road Rally Southwest photos Link 1 :

2012-02-26 Irving I was visiting the Irving Firefighters Memorial in Irving this morning, since they had asked to use a couple of my photos. On the way back, I heard a call for a car fire, and I was able to catch Engine 6 in action. Here are a few photos. Link 1 :

2011-10-04 Bedford Had a 3 Alarm apartment fire today. I was able to get a few photos.

2011-10-04 Bedford 3 Alarm Apartment Fire, 3028 Bedford Road, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2011-06-25 D/FW Area Here are some photos from a frequent contributor to this site, Seth Granville, who was visiting the other day. Thanks Seth, nice work! Photo 1 :

2011-04-24 D/FW Area Some of my fellow diecast collectors were in town last week for a photography tour of the area, and some of the photos are available at this link. They got some great shots. These guys came a from all over the country. I wasn't able to join up with them, but while I was out on a bike ride, noticed Keller had their apparatus out, and two groups of guys were walking back to their cars. Sure enough, out of all of the fire stations they visited(they photographed 180 apparatus), I stumbled across them. Photo 1 :

2011-01-15 Bedford And several other cities worked a 2 Alarm fatality fire this morning at 3020 Bedford Rd. Here are some photos. Here's an article on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

2011-01-15 Bedford 2 Alarm Apartment Fire, 3020 Bedford Road, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2010-05-20 Oregon Fire Related Photos from Oregon Vacation 5/20-25/2010 Link 1 :

2009-12-31 Hurst Apartment fire photos, 1656 Campus Dr, Hurst, TX Link 1 :

2009-12-12 Dallas Texas Fire Museum Christmas Open House, Dallas, TX Link 1 :

2009-12-12 Irving Car fire photos, 400 block of Airport Freeway, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2009-11-27 Fort Worth Fort Worth Christmas Parade of Lights Photos Link 1 :

2009-11-27 Irving 3 Alarm Apartment Fire, 4100 block of Pleasant Run, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2009-10-30 Arlington Texas Spartan Firefighters Combat Challenge, Arlington, TX Link 1 :

2009-10-14 Fort Worth Tarrant County College Northwest Campus Fire Service Training Center Tour photos Link 1 :

2009-09-28 Dallas Crash Fire Rescue Tour photos Link 1 :

2009-08-28 Dallas Fire Rescue International 2009, Dallas, TX Link 1 :

2009-08-09 Grapevine 3 Alarm House fire photos, 4400 block of Timber Crest Ct, Grapevine, TX Link 1 :

2009-05-20 South Dakota Fire related photos from Mount Rushmore Area vacation 5/20/2009 Link 1 :

2009-04-24 Bedford House Fire, 1500 block of Shirley Way, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2008-12-4 D/FW Airport I had a great opportunity to see live fire training at D/FW's burn pit 12/4-5/2008 Photo 1 : Link 1 : Link 2

2008-11-21 Irving 3 Alarm Apartment Fire Photos, 3808 Esters, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2008-11-21 North Richland Hills House fire, 6700 block of Inwood, North Richland Hills, TX Link 1 :

2008-10-18 Bedford Bedford Citizen's Fire Academy Field Day Photos Link 1 :

2008-10-13 Bedford Bedford Citizen's Fire Academy Extrication Demo Link 1 :

2008-08-10 Colleyville 4 Alarm House Fire photos, 7100 block of Belle Meade, Colleyville, TX Link 1 :

2008-05-7 Colleyville House fire photos 5800 block of Ballantrae Link 1 :

2008-05-03 Dallas Texas Fire Museum Muster at Dallas Fish Trap Park Link 1 :

2008-02-22 Fort Worth Fort Worth Station 2, D/FW Fire Training, Stewart & Stevenson, Texas Fire Museum SPAAMFAA Winter Convention Tour Photos Link 1 :

2008-02-21 Dallas Dallas Fire Rescue Department Maintenance/Training/Supply Facility Tour 2/21/2008 Link 1 :

2008-02-18 Colleyville 2 Alarm House fire photos 4108 Pembrooke, Colleyville, TX Link 1 :

2008-01-19 Bedford Apartment Fire photos 1505 Tennis, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2007-11-26 Irving 2 Alarm Apartment Fire Photos, 400 block of Irby, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2007-11-16 Bedford Fire Photos from 800 block of McCurry, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2007-08-20 Irving 2 Alarm Apartment Fire Photos, Ohio and 8th, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2007-06-11 Desoto Concrete truck rollover accident photos, Desoto, TX Link 1 :

2007-05-30 Colleyville 3 Alarm house fire, Vintage Court, Colleyville, TX Link 1 :

2007-05-14 Bedford PHI/EMS Helo/Air Medical Landing Zone(LZ) photos, 3000 block of Martin, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2007-05-07 Denton Martin Apparatus/Pierce Open House, Denton, TX Link 1 :

2007-04-01 Irving 3 Alarm Apartment Fire Photos, 4220 W Northgate, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2007-03-25 Bedford 2 Alarm Apartment fire photos, 1900 block of Park Place, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2007-03-03 Granbury Granbury Volunteer Fire Department 100th Anniversary/Parade Celebration photos Link 1 :

2007-02-24 Irving 4 Alarm Apartment Fire Photos, 1115 Esters, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2007-01-08 Arlington Photos from a 2 alarm fatality fire in the 1000 block of Bland, Arlington, TX Link 1 :

2007-01-06 Arlington Photos from a 3 Alarm Apartment fire at 757 Washington, Arlington, TX Link 1 :

2006-12-16 Dallas Texas Fire Museum Holiday Photos Link 1 :

2006-10-07 North Richland Hills North Richland Hills Fire Department Open House Photos October 7, 2006 Link 1 :

2006-09-15 Dallas Fire Rescue International Dallas, TX 2006 Link 1 :

2006-08-20 Euless Multi Alarm Apartment Fire Photos, 2001 Highway 360, Euless, TX Link 1 :

2006-06-05 Washington Pacific Northwest vacation fire related photos June 5-10, 2006 Link 1 :

2005-06-01 Chicago, IL Savannah, Georgia vacation fire related photos June 2003, and June 2005 Link 1 :

2005-05-07 Dallas Texas Fire Museum Muster Photos, Dallas, TX Link 1 :

2005-04-09 Irving Irving Fire Department Training/Family Day at TCC NW Campus Fire Academy photos Link 1 :

2005-03-11 Georgia Savannah, Georgia vacation fire related photos Link 1 :

2005-01-10 Bedford Multi Alarm House Fire photos, 300 block Quail Crest, Bedford, TX Link 1 :

2004-08-13 New Orleans Fire Rescue International New Orleans 2004 Link 1 :

2004-08-02 Irving "The Big One" - Multi Alarm Apartment Fire Photos The Lofts 5215 N O'Connor, Irving, TX Link 1 :

2004-06-07 Colorado, Wyoming Colorado and Wyoming vacation fire related photos Link 1 :

2004-01-04 Lousiana Ferrara Factory Tour Photos Link 1 :

2003-10-03 Houston Houston Fire Fest and Mass 2003 photos Link 1 :

2003-08-24 Dallas Fire Rescue International Dallas, TX 2003 Link 1 :

2002-12-02 Boston, Mass Boston Area Fire Related Vacation Photos June 16-20, 2008 Link 1 :

2002-12-02 Dallas Texas Fire Museum Holiday Photos 2002 Link 1 :

2002-09-15 Grapevine Grapevine's E-One Bronto photos Link 1 :

2001-10-03 New York New York City vacation fire related photos, October 3-5, 2001 Link 1 :

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