Dallas/Fort Worth Area Public Safety Vehicles Available in Diecast

Here are a few that I have. There are a few others available. Here's the rest of my collection.

Fort Worth Engine 7

Code 3's Fort Worth Engine 7

Fort Worth Truck 8

Code 3's version of Truck 8

Fort Worth Quint 9

Code 3's version of Quint 9

Fort Worth Rescue 35 Alliace Airport (Rosenbauer)

Dallas Fire Department Rescue 17 (Code 3)

Dallas Fire Department Rescue 17

Cedar Hill Engine 211 (Code 3)

Cedar Hill Engine 211

Cedar Hill Quint 212 (Code 3)

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport (Matchbox)

Plano Engine 180

Code 3's version of Plano E180

Westworth Village Police (Matchbox)

Westworth Village Police Car

Hurst Police (10-99 Police Collectibles)

Hurst Police Car

Code 3 Customs (I don't have any of these, but they look great. Thanks Dave.)