Radio Manager Master XT

Copyright © Ben Saladino 2009

A simple and light program to control 1 to 5 Uniden BCD996XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, BC346XT, or other scanners using that or similar control protocol.

This is a freeware program (at least for now) that I thought I'd share with my fellow scannerheads. If you like it great, if you don't, well at least you're not out any money.

I wrote this program because I am lazy, and don't always feel like getting out of my recliner and walking 8 feet to the scanners to mute them, press the scan button, or do other simple tasks. With this program running and on top in Windows, I can use my Media Center remote control's keys to save a few steps, so I can continue a nap or movie in peace, or hold on an active channel on the scanner and mute the TV so I can hear the action. Even without using the Windows Media Center remote, while sitting at the computer, I can easily do routine, but cumbersome scanner keystrokes, with a click or two of the mouse. It's easy to quickly enabled or disable all system quick keys, return my system quick keys to my default or other common configurations. With the new Number Tags in the XT scanners and Presets in Radio Manager Master XT, I can quickly go to my favorite channels in a couple of clicks, without having to remember what number tags they're stored in. The Mute All, Preset All, Scan/Search All, and Hold/Resume All buttons perform the same task on as many as 3 scanners with a single click. Get a phone call and need to be able to hear, Mute All, does the trick. Want to put all of the scanners on a single channel, use Preset All, etc.

Download Radio Manager Master XT (about 540KB) Version 1.5 - October 10, 2009

Simply save the file above to your computer and run. There's no installation program. You may want to put it in its own folder. A few simple text files will be generated the first time you run it. These hold presets and system quick key data.

Radio Manager Master XT - control screen

The control tab is a "virtual keypad" for the scanners you have connected. I think most of the buttons are self-explanatory.

See a description of the Preset button below.

Menu buttons can be used to mute the scanners' audio, as well as opening the menus.

The Scanner 1, Scanner 2, Scanner 3, Scanner 4, and Scanner 5 menus are used to quickly access some common scanner functions and easily access some less common functions that are buried in the scanner's menu system.

The Long Hold button puts the scanner into System Hold mode to focus your scanning on the current system, just like holding the hold key on the scanner for a long time. Likewise, pressing it again exits System Hold.

Once you've selected a scanner the following controls are available

When checked, the Display Scanner LCD checkboxes, the program displays some very basic information from the scanner in a large font (so I can see it from my recliner :) ).

Show Enabled displays a listed of System Quick Keys that are currently enabled in the scanner.

Show All displays all of the System Quick Keys in the scanner.

Toggle virtually presses all of the System Quick Keys listed in the box below. So if you just pressed Show Enabled and then Toggle, you will turn off all System Quick Keys. The Disable All button does that with a single click.

You can right-click the list of System Quick Keys or use the System Quick Keys menu to save and restore a list of System Quick Keys (stored in simple text files). This make it easy to quickly enable a list of System Quick Keys based on what you are in the mood to scan.

Radio Manager Master XT - configuration screen

For each scanner you want to control, choose the com port and the connection speed (BPS), making sure that the scanner you are controlling matches. Check the Enabled checkbox, and then click the Save button. When you start Radio Manager Master XT again, it will automatically try to connect to any enabled scanners. Scanners that are not enabled have their corresponding control buttons disabled.

Radio Manager Master XT - Preset configuration screen

The presets in Radio Manager Master XT rely on you to have number tags setup in the scanners you are controlling. For each preset, you store a Name, the System Number Tag, and the Channel Number Tag. Note: You'll need to use the number keys on the number pad of your keyboard to type a number in any of the fields throughout the program, due to the number key shortcuts that are used on menu items. Once you have entered some presets, make sure you click the Save Presets button. You can move a preset up or down in the list by selecting the preset you want to move, and then pressing the Move Up or Move Down buttons. On the control tab, when you press the Preset button, a list of available presets is displayed. If you click on a preset listed there, the scanner should change to that preset. If you press the Preset button twice in a row, (double-click), it will use the default preset you have assigned in the Scanner 1, Scanner 2, and Scanner 3 fields on the presets tab. You can right-click the Preset button or the Preset List and hide the Preset List, if you change your mind, and don't want to go to a preset.


Oh yeah, another neat feature is the tray icon. Clicking on the icon will mute all of the scanners. Right-clicking pops up options for Scan/Search All, Hold/Resume All, or Preset All. This is great for when you are working in other programs.

You can create another shortcut to the program and add a parameter like below to run additional copies of the program.

C:\MyData\RadioMasterXT\RMMasterXT.exe CONFIG2

Adding that "CONFIG2" will create another set of settings in the Windows Registery. Just make sure you don't use the same com port more than once. Otherwise, you'll get a message like "Cannot Open Com Port".

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions can be sent to website at bensware dot com